“I am forever grateful and profoundly touched by Divoja’s wisdom and love. She lifted the veil of many past memories that haunted me for decades. Her workshop has been a turning point in my life and a foundation from which I am building a future of great joy and new adventures. Thank you, Divoja, for helping me explore the depths of my Inner divinity and helping me realize that my essence is pure love and infinite light. ~ Faith Morgan, Los Angeles (Participant of Pure Love for Women)”

— Faith Morgan

Divoja's personality can be compared to that of a fairy, she is so sincere and pure. In her work she shows up 100%. When I was at her sessions, I felt as if I was the only person in the whole world for her - she was doing her very best to help me.  The biggest gift I received from her is a way out from what I was dealing with, as well as Hope and a feeling of being protected.  Tison's mission is one of the most important and difficult in our world. So grateful for the amazing healing work that she is doing! ~ Oksana, Ukraine

I've been having stomach aches and a condition called tinnitus along with mild depression for months, so I decided to come to Divoja. I've been to spiritual healers before, but Tison is the real deal. She saw all of my problems right away, and not only did she get rid of my conditions, she even told me the causes! She also got rid of all the bad energy I had. I am so amazed. Not to mention, Her work place gives you this amazing vibe from her spiritual decor and music. I'm so blessed to have found her. Thank you Divoja! ~ Chris Kud, Los Angeles

My husband had insomnia. He would get up every 2 hours or slept for 4 hours a night. Before we found out about Divoja, he tried tons of herbal supplements like valerian tincture and melatonin but with no results. After the first session with Tison, he slept for 6 hours straight without taking anything. His sleeping has been improving since. After the second session with Tison, he slept like a baby.  Thank you, Divoja for your incredible healing abilities. ~ Marina Shwartsman, Los Angeles

I've been suffering with leaky gut, it's a condition when you have bloating and gases all the time. Also I have stomach ache from time to time. After the first session with Divoja. I had so much relieve with my problems. Thank you Universe for sending this amazing and advanced Soul . ~ Marina Shwartsman, Los Angeles

Divoja is a powerful and gifted healer. I had a cough for over three months, but in a few sessions she was able to remove it for me. Every session with her, I always feel better. She never disappoints. I have been too many healers, but no one has been able to heal the physical body like she does. I had some body pains but when I come to see her, the body pains are gone. She is highly intuitive, caring, compassionate, and patient. I highly recommend her.  ~ K.V., Los Angeles

Before working with Tison I had extreme body pain and felt like I was hit by a truck every morning when I woke up. I was taking 1-2 ibuprofen or a Aleve a day just to function. After working with her for a month my chronic shoulder pain, knee numbness and overall body pain decreased dramatically and now I hardly take any medication at all- only rarely if I strain my lower back." ~ Sheila O'Donnell

Divoja works very precisely and deeply.  She found the exact issues and traumas I've had without me saying a word!  I could feel my body releasing past traumas and blockages on the table, and even more so after the session.  I'm extremely grateful for the healing that continues to take place.  I'm feeling more comfort in my body and profound emotional changes." ~ Layla, Los Angeles

Divoja is a powerful and intuitive shamanic healer.  She "read" me very accurately, and was able to bring up core issues to my awareness.  I learned more about myself, what I'm here to do, and experienced the release of old patterns and blocks in my subtle body/mind that were holding me back.  This is wonderful work that she is doing.  I recommend everyone to experience it. ~ Rex Wilson N.D. Los Angeles

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 17 years of experience working as an emotional healer.  Divoja's "Private Coaching and Healing Sessions" have caused rapid shifts in my daily happiness and sense of clarity.  She utilizes many techniques including: meditation, channeling, breathing exercises, journaling exercises, movement, and music to awaken what I have needed to identify and release, as well as instilling a solid core of connection with my divine self.  With her guidance I am able to bring this clearing and healing into my personal and professional relationships and be a more effective business woman and leader.  I highly recommend her as your professional to work with.  You will experience positive changes in your first session.  ~ Lisa Tahir, LCSW-LLC

I was amazed by the treatment Divoja gave me..everything was so accurate and perfect. The shift cleared up the blockages just from one session...I'm so grateful for the result.. I could not recommend her service enough.. Thank you so much again. Love you 💖 ~ Shanti Devi

My session with Divoja was encouraging, supportive and empowering.  She began the "psychic surgery" for me, and then called upon me to participate--to fully engage with the clearing process, in my own mind and body--so that I could imagine and (even more deeply) feel what was happening energetically.  She knew exactly what to say to me (a beautiful guided visualization of standing beneath a powerful waterfall and then lying in the Sun), to help my soul feel safe and empowered to clear and re-charge. ~ Emily Marantz, Student

“Working with Divoja, I understood for the first time in my life what it means to love myself.” ~ Mamta Patel, Banker

"This is not an ordinary psychic reading…this is actually a spiritual healing session. If you are looking for someone who can read your past and provide advise and healing to re-write your future, this is it."  ~ Vickie Hu, Hong Kong, Business Owner

"Divoja saw exactly what was going on even better than I could describe. I have done many healing sessions and no one has been able to create change so far into my being like Divoja. She is truly a miracle worker."  ~ Kristine Galli

"Through her process, I found out that I was carrying a very heavy load; a dense matter blocking me from fully being able to relax. Divoja follows the proven methods used for thousands of years and with great results. I highly recommend her services.  Thank you Divine being for such a gift..." ~ V.C, Southern California

“I am a combat veteran with a very strong sense of the warrior and completely disconnected from my feminine side, Divoja Trinity Healing reconnected me and restored that side for me.  Now I feel like a blossoming flower. Thank truly! Blessed Be” ~ Luke, Los Angeles

"I felt so much energy shooting through me! In the following days I could stand my ground, speak my Truth, and communicate my needs like never before. Thank you for my preciseness and clarity." ~ Ava Violette Laurèl, Actress, Spiritual Teacher/Healer

"She helped me clear a lot of blocks and also tuned in to my spirit recognizing that I needed to start using my voice more. She couldn't have been more right on. She is a gifted healer."  ~ Frances Reuther, Massage Therapist, Tarot Angels Reading and Healer

"After the Trinity integration Healing I felt much calmer, more balanced and more focused. I also was able to see things from my son’s perspective and see how to guide him. Thank You!"  ~ Mary Mabry