How to Stop Passing Family Baggage to the Next Generation 

Parenting is a journey of self reflection and can be as much about our growth, as it is about the growth of our children. This workshop is an offering to illuminate ways to integrate self healing toward enhancing and discovering our true purpose of bringing children on earth. It is not to judge whether the parents are right or wrong - but to co-create a loving and solid family foundation for future generations!

When: Sunday, January 25th, 2015 2-5 pm

Energy Exchange: $30 || couples discount: $50 || PLEASE RSVP by SAT 1/24/15 by 12pm, so we may properly accommodate :)

Welcome to Attend: Parent(s) to be || Parent(s) || Children educators, mentors, and caregivers

What is the purpose of the workshop?

To share insights demonstrating how being a parent is a self discovery process. The process includes identifying and releasing negative emotions that have been projected from the last generation of caregivers since we were very young.  As a result, we will be able to guide our children with unconditional love and support them to grow and develop into who they truly are. 

What is the benefit of attending?

  •  to further develop the clarity to build a loving, healthy, solid foundation for the family
  •  to provide tools for self healing and relieving stress
  •  regain your own power and value
  •  remove limitations (for both parent and child)
  •  release pain

Who is leading the group?

Divoja (Divojananda)

In Her Own Words:

divoja headshot.jpg

“Through my spiritual journey, I realized that I was projecting a lot of limitation onto my  child, and myself as a mother, due to the negative emotions that I received from my parents. After years of my healing journey, parenting has become seamlessly integrated as my life has been unfolding. I do not feel stress as a mother who juggles many tasks on a regular basis. I am able to embrace my child in her pure joy and simultaneously allow myself to flow. I feel a sense of liberation for myself and my daughter - setting me free from frustration, overwhelm, and anxiety. I would like to share the tools and wisdom that helped bring about this beautiful dimension.” (Please find FULL BIO at the LINK below)

Contact Divoja: (310) 773-8865 ||