PURE LOVE Manifestation for Women -
Self Love Enriches Relationship & Wealth

Recognize your value! Release the blocks! Regain your power!

This transformational 3-module workshop is strategically designed to take the participants on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-empowerment in to Self Love, Relationship & Wealth.

With the blessings of Pachamama in Peru, Divojananda was initiated to facilitate this Women Workshop, to help women Recognizing hidden aspects of personal Value leading to Releasing emotional blocks and Regaining true Power!  This intense workshop is designed for the women who are sincere and willing to do some deep work that results in going to the next level of MAGIC EASE AND FLOW IN THE LIFE!

Emotional blocks create limitations subtly whether remembered or not. The blocks leave certain unconscious habitual behavior that run contrary to the life purpose. In this 3-module workshop, participants will experience step-by-step proven healing processes that produce the release of undigested emotional blocks from childhood and even acquired in the mother's womb on the physical, emotional and cellular levels. We would also discover the cause of having the blocks that stops us creating and attracting wealth and the right relationship!

All participants would receive an one-on-one Tarot Card reading from Swaha (Dr. Holman)

Guest Speakers:

  1. Swaha (Dr. Holman), www.Discerning-Wisdom.com
  2. Maria Korpacheva - "Intuitive Counselor" - Bio
  3. Edwing Sankey - Trance Music Takes You to Different Dimension


  1. Module 1 - Sat, Aug 20, 201610am – 6pm
  2. Module 2 - Sat, Aug 27, 201610am – 6pm
  3. Module 3 - Sat, Sept 10, 201610am – 6pm

Advance Payment by Aug 15th: $756 for 3 Module
After Aug 15th: $900 for 3 Module

Healthy meals & snacks included

Please make payment at www.Divojananda.com/payment

The Holman Group, 9451 Corbin Ave Suite 100, Northridge, Ca 91324

Ma.Divojananda@gmail.com or 310-773-8865