Divoja is a blessing! I absolutely happy that I found her. I am going through a lot right now and after seeing Divoja I realized where the root of my obstacles are. I felt a SHIFT, Peace in my mind and the Healing process is still going. She is such a powerful woman and so inspiring that after her I want to go and conquer the world. I am truly grateful ~ Inessa S.
I have had the pleasure to have had healing done with Divoja. Her kindness and compassion make the healing sessions comfortable and reassuring. She loves to teach and gives you the tools to work with on your own. With her many healing techniques, she has given me much understanding to my life and healing that lasts. An example that amazes me still is when I use to get stressed I use to go through spats of chronic migraines, I no longer get migraines. Recently, my latest session was one of healing the inner child. I had blocked out a memory but still held onto the emotion and/or pattern as truth, with releasing the emotions behind it I have now had more inner joy that exudes into outer joy. Thank you Tison!
~ Ashley Thesman
In this journey we call life, I have sought many different modalities of healing and energy work, both “traditionally” based as we know in contemporary therapies (CBT, DBT, psychoanalysis, group sessions, individual— weekly, biweekly, bimonthly...), as well as alternative treatments that have roots in Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, astrology, shamanism, spiritual divination... you might say I’m a seasoned traveler with an insatiable thirst for self-improvement as well as an undeniable knack for reaching new lows of depression that leave me feeling stuck and paralyzed. I don’t see any one modality as the key answer and I truly believe that each hour spent in the chair of any of the above-mentioned offices has only brought me greater awareness and wisdom. However, I was feeling pretty desperate for an energy shift of a healing treatment I had not yet experienced. I had done my time on the literal psychoanalytical couch and could cognitively pinpoint triggers and have awareness around issues, but I simply could not change my base reactions and primal responses. My energy felt stagnant and in a deep rut; I could not create or manifest anything from this space, and I’m not even talking about genius ideas here— I mean, I couldn’t summon the strength to face my laundry pile and work schedule, let alone focus on my hobbies and things that bring me joy. Enter Divoja. As many others have noted, she has this powerful and soothing energy that feels both ancient and youthful. She is powerfully in-tune to a frequency that I am certain exists but could no more pinpoint than a needle in a haystack. She immediately tapped into my “body consciousness” (aka soul level) and understood the essence of everything hours on a traditional therapy couch would have needed. More than that, she set about the session in a way that was reassuring, comprehensive, and that utterly spoke to me on a personal level. I immediately knew that she communicated to me truths that made sense and that resonated but which had been hidden from my own consciousness. After the session she checked in on me the following day and I am telling you exactly what I told her— I felt like a neglected garden that had been weeded and watered. My energy was rejuvenated but in a calibrated way, not an undirected cocaine high, if you know what I mean. I felt like I could stand in my own power again. It was like a powerful energy shift had occurred but not anything that didn’t feel like it was truly generated from within me. No external hubbabaloo.I look forward to more sessions with Divoja and I am glad to have the help of someone so knowledgeable and capable to heal me on a level that my consciousness cannot be aware of. ~ Anna S.
I went to Divoja to heal my childhood trauma which has followed me around for many years. My patterns keep repeating themselves especially in my personal and professional relationships. I needed another way to find healing. Her techniques and practices are truly amazing. She is 100% there for you. No judgment. I wanted to try something else in my healing work and Tison is it. She wants you to live the life that every human being should live. She is so patient with her clients. Could not ask for more. I’m glad I took this route and will keep seeing Divoja. She is a godsend. Thank you. ~ Kathleen F
I just had my first session with Divoja and it was quite profound. I’ve had other healings in the past, but I’ve only had one other that was this effective. So much negative emotion was released during my session. Since my healing I feel lighter and have more energy. ~ Tristan K
Divoja’s work is amazingly effective! Ive seen her only four times now and by the third session felt much lighter both physically and mentally.  I began seeing her for a chronic back issue I’ve had for years. I was amazed and delighted that by the third session I felt the pain and tension I had been experiencing for so long was entirely dissolving, so was my mood lifting and  my outlook brighter. Through her work,  I’ve released certain emotional blocks related to the past and feel more energetic and creative in my everyday life.  This is certainly an awesome feeling!  Thank you Divojananda!!! ~ Hd. R.
Divoja’s is a powerful and gifted healer. I had a cough for over three months, but in a few sessions she was able to remove it for me. Every session with her, I always feel better. She never disappoints. I have been too many healers, but no one has been able to heal the physical body like she does. I had some body pains but when I come to see her, the body pains are gone. She is highly intuitive, caring, compassionate, and patient. I highly recommend her.  ~ K.V., Los Angeles
Divoja is a powerful angel incarnated at this moment in time to bring Light and Love to this generation. Her teachings elevate you to Higher planes of Energy and her healing power transcends the boundaries of Time and Matter. She will change your life and make you experience True Joy! ~ Nancy Agosto
I’ve been suffering with leaky gut, it’s a condition when you have bloating and gases all the time. Also I have stomach ache from time to time. After the first session with Tison. I had so much relieve with my problems. Thank you Universe for sending this amazing and advanced Soul . ~ Marina Shwartsman, Los Angeles
I had no direction or goals set for myself in life because I didn’t realize how important that is. I did not know that I need to love & care for myself first. I have made changes to my spirit, body & mind with Divoja’s help. I’m very much at peace and much happier with my life now. Thank you, Divoja! ~ Lupita
Divoja is amazing. In my first session, we cleared two major blocks and within weeks I saw results right away. She is an experienced healer who knows how to access what you need for every session. She usually knows what is going on before you give her details. She is calm, intuitive, passionate, and extremely supportive. You can also tell that she genuinely loves what she does! I would highly suggest seeing Divoja. She is an excellent healer and will surely guide you to the right direction. The rest is up to you! Namaste. :) ~ Dionna C.
My husband had insomnia. He would get up every 2 hours or slept for 4 hours a night. Before we found out about Divoja, he tried tons of herbal supplements like valerian tincture and melatonin but with no results. After the first session with Tison, he slept for 6 hours straight without taking anything. His sleeping has been improving since. After the second session with Divoja, he slept like a baby.  Thank you, Divoja for your incredible healing abilities. ~ Marina Shwartsman, Los Angeles
Divoja is a powerful and intuitive shamanic healer.  She “read” me very accurately, and was able to bring up core issues to my awareness.  I learned more about myself, what I’m here to do, and experienced the release of old patterns and blocks in my subtle body/mind that were holding me back.  This is wonderful work that she is doing.  I recommend everyone to experience it. ~ Rex Wilson N.D.
Divoja is an excellent healer and healed me just today of an intense migraine in less than an hour as well as gave me clear guidance from my body on what not to eat so that it may optimally heal itself. Cellular Resonance Technique and the other healing modalities Tison brings are nothing short of miraculous! I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a health problem they have not been able to solve on their own.” ~ Sheila O’Donnell, Hollywood
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 17 years of experience working as an emotional healer.  Divoja’s “Private Coaching and Healing Sessions” have caused rapid shifts in my daily happiness and sense of clarity.  She utilizes many techniques including: meditation, channeling, breathing exercises, journaling exercises, movement, and music to awaken what I have needed to identify and release, as well as instilling a solid core of connection with my divine self.  With her guidance I am able to bring this clearing and healing into my personal and professional relationships and be a more effective business woman and leader.  I highly recommend her as your professional to work with.  You will experience positive changes in your first session.  ~ Lisa Tahir, LCSW-LLC

“I am a combat veteran with a very strong sense of the warrior and completely disconnected from my feminine side, Tison’s Trinity Healing reconnected me and restored that side for me.  Now I feel like a blossoming flower. Thank truly! Blessed Be”

Luke, Los Angeles - Trinity Integration Soul Healing


"I was so blessed to receive TWO amazing session with Tison. The first one we did was the Soul Contract reading, and this was especially helpful pertaining to a certain relationship in which I had been experiencing an immense amount of struggle and suffering. I knew in my heart I had a soul contract with this person, but that feeling of "unknown" for what will become of all of it, at that time was still leaving me with a deep sigh in my heart....no matter how much I wanted to trust and unclutch. When she went through our soul contract I not only got the precise clarity at the end that was finally able to ease my mind about the situation and cease all the questions...but I also learned deeper insight into not only the other person, but myself as well, and how I need to be in order to allow this relationship to flourish organically. There was something so sacred about this process that all the while it was happening I actually felt like I was on the verge of tears...not in a bad way....but just that it was something sooooo deeply connected to my heart. Being able to ask ANY question I wanted pertaining to this soul contract was extremely useful, though I only really had a few questions because what came through her initially actually gave me all the insight and information that helped me be relaxed again. And since that session, I honestly have not had any fantasy or suffering from the relationship I have with this person in my life. I feel completely and totally relaxed, unattached, and really seeing things for what they are, knowing even more clearly what the future holds...but not needing to hold onto the future in this moment."

~ Ava Violette Laurèl, Actress, Spiritual Teacher/Healer - Soul Contract Reading

"I had a pretty awesome healing session experience with Divoja. She is intuitive, passionate, intentional, and creates a wonderfully cozy, safe, serene space in which to perform her magic. It's comforting, tranquil and I fall into this deep realm of relaxation that I don't get doing anything else. She helped me clear a lot of blocks and also tuned in to my spirit recognizing that I needed to start using my voice more. She couldn't have been more right on. She is a gifted healer."

Frances Reuther, Massage Therapist, Tarot Angels Reading and Healer - Past Live Regression Hypnotherapy



"Hi my name is Mary Mabry and I recently received the Trinity integration Healing.  I was very pleased with the results.  Immediately after the healing I felt much calmer, more balanced and more focused.  I also was able to gain insight into my son, I could see things from his perspective and see how he needed me to guide him as a mother. I was also able to relax and let go of some of the things that were causing me constant worry, and direct my attention more towards what needed to be done. I highly recommend this type of healing to anyone who is seeking a more balanced perspective.  Thank you so much!!"

~ Mary Mabry, Mother - Trinity Integration Soul Healing


"It is such a powerful session and I am amazed how this can be done by a voice only skype call! This is not an ordinary psychic reading which does not provide any insight for a solution to your issue. This is actually a spiritual healing session – by understanding what’s the issue than providing healing. If you are looking for someone who can read your past and provide advise and healing to re-write your future, this is it."

Vickie Hu, Hong Kong, Business Owner - Trinity Integration Soul Healing


“Working with Divoja, I understood for the first time in my life what it means to love myself.”

Mamta Patel, Banker - Body, Mind and Soul Integration


My name is substance. I have experienced amazingly transformative and undeniably powerful sessions with Divoja - one being the Trinity Integration Healing & the other, a body and mind integrated session with Yoga & Pranayama Practices. I've been to many healers with some progress in spiritual work. but these 2 sessions have made a significant impact unlike what i have experienced before; I feel like I have taken a leap in acceleration toward a more harmonious and integrated self. I am so deeply grateful and look forward to more and more magic in my experience and the reality i create. thank you so much Divoja!!! i recommend anyone who is seeking deep realization and transformation to go to her and experience the mind, body, and soul healings that can change your life experience forever.

~ Substance, Lyricist. Los Feliz - Trinity Integration Soul Healing & Body, Mind Integration



"The second session I did with Divoja was the Trinity Integration Healing. It's honestly sooooo much more powerful than you may even think even as it's happening!! I was listening to everything she was saying, confirming things I already knew for myself like my soul's mission....hearing it again from a clear source made me happy...because it's already been confirmed to me through the Akashic Records before as well...but not everyone has this blessing...so getting it through this reading could seriously change someone's life!! But then the second part of the session was when we went into the relationship between my masculine and feminine energy.....and looking at WHY these energies in me are not integrated. It was really amazing to hear her describe what she was seeing.....and also, the delicacy she maintained when getting insight into some traumatic experiences in my life....but what she shared around this information coming through gave me the BIGGEST realization as to REALLY WHY my energies have not been integrated! SO THEN, it was starting the process of doing the actual integration!! At first, it seemed really subtle....and in some ways it was....but I started to feel this burning feeling in my the middle of my back in my spine and my entire spine was held erect and soooo much energy was shooting through me! She continued to verbally guide me with words and imagery...it didn't go on for too long....and by the end my physical body felt soooo exhausted I could barely communicate anything...and needed some rest. I went into a deep meditative state for about an hour, and then woke up feeling super energized!! BUT the most amazing thing beyond that was the following few days........I experienced myself differently than ever before in my ability to stand my ground, speak my Truth, communicate my needs, ask for and request what I want without shrinking down and becoming "small" and victimized. Being able to communicate to people about sensitive subjects which might normally trigger them without any hesitation, complication or fear...just preciseness and clarity of what I needed to say. And NOW I just feel like this integration has become a part of me! It's seriously sooooo amazing! I cannot wait to do further integrations to deepen this process and really step into my power as a balanced energetic being!!"

~Ava Violette Laurèl, Actress, Spiritual Teacher/Healer - Trinity Integration Soul Healing